We are pleased to announce that the latest and greatest OnlyKey software is now available! This release includes a new, easier to use desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux and OnlyKey firmware. Our most notable changes with this release is that we have made OnlyKey easier to use and more secure.

In order to get started trying out the new OnlyKey features, upgrade using our guide [here]

Why Upgrade?

This release has a lot of improvements, most notably after upgrading your OnlyKey you can load future updates directly in the app without the need to backup and restore. Here is the short list of improvements in this release:

  • Better touch sense on OnlyKey buttons using automatic touch sense calibration.
  • Backup Passphrase support — Backup’s may be securely encrypted with a passphrase.
  • Two profile support — By setting two PINs you can have two profiles to store up to 24 accounts.
  • Automatic firmware and app update notifications — The OnlyKey app can now let you know when there are updates available.
  • Seamless firmware upgrades — Signed firmware can now be loaded directly through the app without wiping account data (thanks to our new blockchain bootloader).
  • Better FIDO U2F support

Whats Next?

As we look forward, we are looking to add additional new features late 2018 / early 2019 including:

  • FIDO 2.0 support
  • HMACSHA1 support — For KeePass
  • Full OpenPGP/GPG support ( Secure messages currently supported using https://apps.crp.to )

Originally published at CryptoTrust.

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