Step 1. Unpack and Plug In

  1. Remove the OnlyKey Duo and the metal quick-connect keychain from packaging.
  2. Attach the quick-connect to the OnlyKey Duo, the other end of the quick-connect can be attached to your keyring.
  3. (Optional) Check out OnlyKey accessories -mobile adapter (USB-C, Lightning) , business workstation .
  4. Insert OnlyKey into USB port. You will see a rainbow of colors flash from device.

Step 2. Choose How to Use

  1. USE AS JUST A SECURITY KEY - If you plan to use your OnlyKey DUO as just a FIDO security key (WebAuthn) then no additional setup is required . Use your OnlyKey DUO to log into MicrosoftGoogleFacebookGitHub and more.
  2. USE AS BOTH SECURITY KEY AND PASSWORD MANAGER - If you wish to use additional OnlyKey features such as hardware password manager, other methods of two-factor authentication, and secure backup; follow setup instructions in the User’s Guide here :
Follow Setup Instructions in OnlyKey Duo User's Guide Download PDF for Offline Use

Step 3. Keep Your Device Backed Up

  • If you are using your device as both a security key and password manager make sure to keep your accounts backed up. To learn how to quickly create a backup watch a quick video below:

Step 4. Stay Informed and Let Us Know What You Think

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  • If you love your OnlyKey we would love to hear from you! You can tweet about it , leave a good review on Amazon, or G2 . If you want to share your awesome OnlyKey setup send us a pic and we will post to our Instagram here or just #onlykey. If you don’t love something about OnlyKey we want to hear from you, let us know through the website here as we are always looking to make OnlyKey better.